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Free Ibrahim Alloush and all other political prisoners!

Dr. Ibrahim Naji Alloush, the Editor-In-Chief of the Free Arab Voice, and Media Coordinator of the Association against Zionism and Racism (AZAR), was arrested after being summoned to the Public Security Department in Amman, Jordan on 24 March 2003.

Dr. Alloush, a professor of economics, is known for his courageous, honest, and openly frank stands on developments in Jordan and the brutal aggression being committed against the whole Arab Nation.

His arrest comes as the Jordanian regime faces growing popular opposition to its hosting of American aggressor forces and its permission to American planes to overfly the kingdom with their cargoes of death for our brothers, sisters, and children in Iraq. Dozens of other activists have also been swept up in a wave of arrests that aims to silence opposition to the genocide in Iraq and Palestine.

But the crimes of American-British-Zionist aggression can not be concealed by arresting those who recognize reality for what it is.

Demand the immediate release of Dr. Ibrahim Alloush and all anti-zionist, anti-imperialist political prisoners! Write to the Jordanian embassy in the country of your residence, to the Jordanian government directly, and to human rights organizations.

Free Ibrahim Alloush now!