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Democratic Palestine

A site dedicated to the establishment of a secular democratic state in Palestine!

For the liberation of Palestine

Throughout the twentieth century the Palestinian people have been under the gun. Turkish
occupation gave way to British imperial rule in 1918, and Britain, in turn, handed over
Palestine to Zionist Jewish colonists in 1948.

Nobody bothered to ask what the native Palestinian population - the vast majority of the
residents of Palestine - wanted.

Since 1948 the racist, Zionist state known as "Israel" has consolidated its rule, launched
bloody expansionist wars against four of its neighbors and made millions of Palestinians
homeless and stateless.

Faced with this bitter reality, the Palestinian people launched their national liberation war
in 1965. United behind the Palestine National Charter, adopted by the Palestine Liberation
Organization in 1968, and as an integral part of the Arab national liberation movement,
Palestinians have for more than thirty years waged an epic battle to free their land from occupation,
their people from obliteration, and to help forge the unity of the Arab nation.

It would be an understatement to say that the path has been difficult. Many thousands have
fallen, martyrs to the cause, and the end of the battle is not yet in sight. Some groups and
individuals have lost the will to resist; others have succumbed to desperation.

But the most politically conscious men and women continue to do battle for the goal of
national freedom and self-determination, for a democratic state with no room for religious,
racial, or any other form of discrimination.

For the liberation of exploited and oppressed people throughout the world

The Palestinians' struggle faces a coalition of powerful enemies - imperialism, Zionism and
various forms of reaction.

At the same time, the Palestinian cause finds ready support among the peoples of the third
world and among freedom-loving people in the West. In turn, the Palestinian people offer
their hands in friendship and solidarity to all those opposed to exploitation and injustice
throughout the world.

Working people the world over share the same dream of justice, freedom from exploitation,
from bigotry, and oppression. If the Palestinians can be denied their freedom, if they can be
eliminated as a people, what other nation, what other people can rest secure?

The struggle for a democratic Palestine is the struggle for freedom and justice for all those
who suffer at the hands of a global system of plunder and victimization, a system that puts
profits before people and seeks to build the happiness of a few on the misery of the millions.

The wealthy and powerful western monopolies that have reached out to enchain the world
are alarmed at the humanist vision and militant action of the Palestinian people. Imperialist
leaders know that the greatest threat to their privileges is the unity of the working people
of the world. Imperialism has tried to seal off the Palestinian struggle behind a wall of
lies and distortion, dismissing the national liberation struggle as "terrorism." People in
the west and even many in the Arab world are cut off from information by and about this
vital revolutionary movement.

But this situation will not continue forever. Democratic Palestine hopes to break the
imperialist wall of lies and provide you current information on the Palestinian people's
battle for a world free of exploitation, oppression, and injustice.