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Free Cosette Ibrahim and all other detainees!

Cosette Ibrahim (25 years old) was arrested by Israeli troops while visiting her home in Remeish, occupied south Lebanon, on September 2nd, 1999. A journalist and college student, Cosette is believed to be accused of gathering information on Israeli occupation forces and not cooperating with the invaders. She has been confined to the notorious Khiyam prison camp.

In the months since her abduction, Cosette has repeatedly been hospitalized for severe depression and for serious physical ailments brought on by physical and mental torture. As is the case with other detainees in Zionist captivity, no charges have been published against her and no one has any idea when or if she might be released.

Israel's occupation of Lebanese land, its abduction and detention of Lebanese citizens are completely illegal under international law. Its torture and victimization of prisoners are an affront to all humanity.

Cosette planned to return to her dorm in Beirut to start work on a masters degree. Now, in torment behind barbed wire, she suffers and waits . . .

For how long?

One minute of detention, one second of torture is too much!

Free Cosette Ibrahim now!