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"Final status" won't really be final

Abu Ali Mustafa says the PFLP thinks the so-called final status talks
will not lead to a final settlement

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine believes that the chances of success of the final status talks are small.

Abu Ali Mustafa, the Deputy General Secretary of the PFLP, has stated at a news conference that, "we don't believe that this is a final solution. In our opinion in the (Popular) Front, these negotiations are good for nothing, particularly in light of the 'no's that Ehud Barak announced that hem in what is called the final settlement." Abu Ali Mustafa was referring to a set of conditions announced by Barak just after he took office as Zionist primeminister, involving such things as "no return to the borders of 1967," and "no return of the refugees to their homes," "no return of Jerusalem," and "no dismantling of the Jewish settlements."

-- "as-Safir" newspaper, Beirut, Thursday, 28 October 1999