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Amman talks between PFLP and Fateh conclude: Major differences remain, but positive results seen

A second round of talks between the PFLP and Fateh have wound up in Amman, Jordan. Three major points of agreement were highlighted in a final document issued at the conclusion of the meeting, but major differences remain.
A final statement issued after the latest round of PFLP-Fateh talks in Amman 
highlights three areas of agreement reached by the two major Palestinian 
resistance groups.  Both sides affirmed the need for the creation of an 
independent Palestinian state as a legitimate right of the Palestinian people 
that was stipulated in resolutions of international law.  The sides also stated 
that a political settlement must be based on resolutions of international law.  
Thirdly, the two Palestinian groups announced that the PFLP would participate 
in the coming meeting of the Palestine Central Council as a preparation for a 
new formation of the Palestine National Council to be carried out by means of 
elections, and stipulating that all member organisations of the Palestine 
Liberation Organisation should take part in the coming meeting of the Central 

These points of accord signify a "major step forward" according to PFLP Politburo member Abd al-Rahim Mallouih who took part in the discussions. Mallouih expressed the hope that what the two groups had agreed upon would actually be put into practice.

Despite what he called the "positive results" of the talks, Mallaouih noted that there remain "issues that are still the subject of discussion between the two sides."

The final statement called upon all Palestinian groupings to take part in the next meeting of the Palestine Central Council so that that body can play its role in fulfilling the political demands of the coming stage, first of all the forming of a preparatory committee to make ready and discuss the appropriate means for forming the coming Palestine National Council in accordance with the lists and principles of the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

The statement also affirmed the unalienable right of the Palestinian people to declare their independent state with its capital as Jerusalem on the basis of the national rights of the Palestinian people as stipulated in international legislation. In addition the statement reaffirmed the sides' commitment to basic Palestinian national positions, including the right of Palestinians to return to their homes, the right of self determination, as well as the right to establish an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. The statement reiterated the sides' total rejection of plans to settle Palestinians in other countries, to cause them to emigrate abroad, and it affirmed the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their homes on the basis of United Nations resolution 194.