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Solidarity with prisoners and detainees in Zionist captivity

In a continuing insult to civilized humanity, more than 1600 Palestinians languish today in Zionist prisons, tortured and detained because of their opposition to the occupation of their homeland. Please refer to our list of solidarity groups on the Links page for up-to-date reports on Palestinian prisoners and the efforts to win their release.


Khiyam prison camp liberated!

On 23 May 2000, in the course of the liberation of south Lebanon, 500 villagers stormed the notorious Khiyam prison camp. The Israeli puppet forces in charge of the prison, now with no support from their Zionist protectors, fled in terror before the advancing liberators. Undeterred by the bullets fired by the retreating collaborators, the villagers tore down the doors to the prison cells and freed all 144 Lebanese detainees from their confinement.

This was one of the most glorious days for the cause of freedom and justice in living memory. Yet the struggle continues. In addition to the more than 1600 Palestinians in Zionist dungeons, 19 Lebanese also still languish behind bars in the Zionist state, including Shaykh Abd al-Karim Ubayd, and Abu Ali Mustafa al-Dayrani, and the doyen of Lebanese prisoners, Samir al-Qintar, who has spent 22 years behind bars. The struggle for their freedom goes on.

Click here and read two chilling eye-witness reports on Khiyam prison before and after liberation!

Click here and read an eye-witness report on Khiyam prison from the Beirut Daily Star!

Riad Kalakish and his brother reunited with their mother.

Click here to read how Riad saw prisoners gassed to death in 1989, and about his other horrific experiences and those of his sister-in-law, Mona Ashour, in Khiyam's torture chambers as published in Beirut's Daily Star!

Cosette Ibrahim is free!

This website took up the cause of freelance journalist and college student, Cosette Elias Ibrahim, when she was abducted and imprisoned together with her brother-in-law and a family friend on 2 September 1999. It is a great pleasure to announce that according to the list of freed detainees published in the Beirut newspaper "as-Safir" on 24 May 2000, Ms. Ibrahim and those arrested with her were among the prisoners freed. We salute them and all the prisoners and detainees for their courage and steadfastness!! For the time being, the poster/leaflet we prepared calling for Cosette Ibrahim's release can still be accessed here as a reminder of Zionist brutality: Free Cosette Ibrahim! Solidarity leaflet/poster


Syrians are captives too!

Besides the hundreds of Palestinians, 17 citizens of Syria, whose Golan heights are also under Zionist occupation, languish in Israeli prisons, separated from one another in different locations. The most basic rights of these victims of aggression are constantly violated: gifts of food, books, and other cultural materials are denied them, the number and duration of visits by relatives are severely limited -- only parents and siblings are allowed to meet them; their own children are not allowed in. Arbitrary searches and indifference to the prisoners' health are standard.

Damascus demo for Syrian prisoners, 25 May 2000.


Free the Japanese Red Army Four!

The struggle against Imperialism, Zionism, and reaction is an international one. This was painfully highlighted by the underhanded treatment of four militants of the Japanese Red Army who had dedicated their lives to the cause of battling Zionism side-by-side with Palestinians, Lebanese, and other Arab victims of aggression. Read about their story and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine's support below!

Solidarity with the Red Army Four!

Japanese Red Army issues communique on the 28th anniversary of the Lydda Airport Operation. "As-Safir" newspaper, 31 May 2000.